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Your Success on eBay

Posted by | May 17, 2021

In our previous post, we mentioned how managing multiple sales channels are essential for success. Yet to succeed in every marketplace, you need to make sure that you know how each of them works. If you're currently selling on eBay but would like to improve your sales, or if you are new to eBay and you would like to make sure you succeed there, then this post is for you.

Know your seller level and aim for the top!

According to eBay, your selling performance assessed on the 20th of each month, then assigned to one of the following levels:

  • Top Rated  – You're one of the best sellers on eBay, providing an excellent experience for customers, and you've met specific other criteria
  • Above Standard  – You're meeting our minimum standard for sellers and looking after your customers well
  • Below Standard  – You're not meeting one or more of our minimum requirements for customer service quality

Becoming a top-rated seller on eBay indicates that you consistently deliver outstanding customer service. It also makes you eligible to receive an  eBay Premium Service badge  on qualifying listings.

To become a Top Rated Seller, you'll need to have the following:

  • An eBay account that's been active for at least 90 days
  • At least 100 transactions and AU $1,000 in sales during the last 12 months
  • Comply with  eBay's selling practices policy
  • Meet the requirements for transaction defect rate and cases closed without seller resolution and late shipment rate.

Once you meet those requirements, eBay will automatically upgrade you to a top-seller on your subsequent evaluation.

Know what goods sell well

Use paid tools to determine what buyers are searching for or save on these tools and research some relevant information.

Once you have figured the demand and consumer behaviour, make sure to research pricing your products. Refer to what your competitors are charging and compare the benefits of each of your products.

Figure our the selling format

eBay gives you the option to sell your items at a fixed-price or auction. It is best to put an item on auction when it is hard to find and is in high demand. The "buy it now" format is suitable when you have multiples of the same item, and it's a high priced item with not so high in demand.

Develop product descriptions for eBay

Make sure your product description is easy to skim read; this could be by using bullet points, keeping paragraphs no longer than three sentences, and separate paragraph sections using headings. Apart from the description, the following two key points can affect your product search on eBay and Google.

  • Product identifiers

Product identifiers are unique codes that work like a barcode to identify a specific product. They should help eBay buyers find the exact item they are searching for and help your listings appear in search engine results such as Google. It will also match your products with eBay's product catalogue, and product reviews associated with that your item will appear on your listing.

Product attributes define the essential and relevant facts about a product. They include things such as brand, size type, size, colour, and style.

In a clear sense, attributes provide the details of a product that buyers use to make their purchasing decisions. A complete set of item specifics creates a rich set of structured data that enhances the search engine's ability to find, filter, and recall products. Hence translating into search results that are more targeted to the search queries entered by users and ultimately resulting in more buying conversions.

Managing orders

Monitoring your inventory and managing your orders are essential to your success on eBay. Being in a position of listing an out-of-stock item may lead to bad reviews from unsatisfied customers. Furthermore, ensuring your customer's purchases are delivered as fast and efficiently as possible is also a contributor to your success.

At Shipr, the use of one integrated platform will allow you to manage your inventory from one location and ship items faster to your customers. It is essential to keep everything in sync with the shortest lag times possible, especially if you have a low inventory of an item selling across multiple marketplaces .

If you would like to find out more about how Shipr can improve your online strategy, get in touch with one of our team of experts today.

Final Tip!

Don't forget these best online selling practices practices:

  • Always use high-quality photography
  • Fast, low-cost shipping for higher conversions
  • Offer your customers free return
  • Deliver strong customer service 

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