Marketplace Listings

Define product data in a central location. Manage channel-specific product information. Optimize marketplace product listings.

Multichannel Order Management

Centralize order management and fulfillment. Present a consistent experience online and offline. Integrate with fulfillment and shipping tools.

Inventory Sync

Connect your sales channels, merge your inventory from different stores. Sync it with your physical stores and streamline your inventory operations!

Seamless Integration

Sequntial connects to your ERP, Accounting System or even your 3PL with no extra workarounds or plugins. All of your data is always in sync: orders, product data, inventory, tracking and more.

Master Your Fulfilment

Seamlessly connect with your fulfilment partner or shipping software. Order updates are synced as they happen, one place to track them all.

Keep Track Of Your Business

Reporting module gives you better insight into your business. You have centralized access to all your data— from item costs to sales, commissions, shipping fees, and so much more.

Simple Pricing

No additional costs. Pay only fixed monthly fee and the rest we will handle for you!

Superpowered Support

Whether over email, phone, SMS, chat with your dedicated Account Manager to troubleshoot issues and receive expert advice, night and day.

Setup Fees

Additional fees might be applicable in the case of special integrations and custom requests. Please contact us for an initial discussion. 

Best in Tech

We’re a an ecommerce logistics company at core. We use the latest in data technology to power your fulfillment.

No Hidden Costs

Choose the most suitable service for your needs with monthly fixed price. No percentage of Sales or extra fees

Starting from $69.95 per month

  • including First 3 Channels
  • Unlimited Orders
  • 0% Percentage of Sales
  • $25 per month for each additional channel
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Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more info? Here are some things we're commonly asked

What is shipr?

Shipr is a web app built for multichannel ecommerce and retail operations. It will help you run complex operations for your growth needs right out of the box. No engineers or IT expertise. It will help you define product data, manage channel-specific product information, optimize marketplace product listings, manage fulfillment all in a central location.

What counts as a channel?

A channel is any online webstore, physical store, marketplace, portal, fulfilment partner that shipr imports, exports, or exchanges data with. There is no limit of channel connections.

Is the 30 days trial really free??

Yes! You will get access to a full-featured account that allows you to integrate to two channels of your choice. you do not need to enter any billing information until you are ready to upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Do you cater for customizations?

Yes we do, we understand that each business has it's own requirements! Additional fees might apply in case of special integrations and custom requests.

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