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4 Benefits of using a shipping management software

Posted by | May 2, 2021

A shipping management software can reduce your logistics costs through several different processes, including printing labels, parcel tracking, simplified order picking, and handling repetitive manual processes in an automated, cost-effective approach.

One of the most significant advantages of Shipr is its API technology that can integrate across multiple carriers. If you have a multi-carrier shipping approach, you can view your rates and shipment tracking information in one dashboard.

The use of Shipr’s integrated software will allow you to save time and money in many other ways, discover what it really costs to ship each item, and streamline the entire process:

Allows you to manage multiple sales channels - an essential for success

To continue growing and remain competitive in the market, online retailers have to diversify by adding more sales channels. Online shoppers are becoming increasingly price-sensitive these days, and they want to have the option that allows them to shop and buy when and how they want to.

Expanding your eCommerce business into a multichannel or omnichannel organisation is essential. However, as you add more sales channels and marketplaces, including online marketplaces, brick and mortar stores, multi warehouses and other eCommerce portals, you will undoubtedly find that keeping track of all of them is becoming increasingly challenging.

Reducing time spent on manual processes

Over 40% of workers involved in a survey said that at least a quarter of their workweek was spent on repetitive manual tasks. A significant part of streamlining your order management system is automating tasks so that you don’t have to waste time entering, updating or tracking your order data manually. Automation reduces time spent between job tasks and shipping decisions hence increasing the overall efficiency of your operations.

When you spend a lot of time manually performing tasks that could be automated, you are doing yourself, your business, and even your customers a disservice. An order management system that allows you to automate many of the tasks that you are currently executing manually will save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Avoid the “where is my order?”syndrome

Since your business depends on your customers and their satisfaction, making their buying experience as comfortable as possible just makes sense.You want to give your customers the most accurate way to find out when their order was shipped, estimated time of arrival, and the ability to track their order at any time so they can trust your business and come back again.

To help with this, and once orders are dispatched, Shipr will send emails to your customers and give them a status update to know when their order is shipped, the tracking number and the courier of choice. You can also personalise notifications to include the best methods to contact you in case of inquiries or delays.

Eliminate shipping errors

The absence of address verification will increase the risk of lost orders and returned parcels which means having to process returns and reship packages. This an enormous cost that numerous merchants never consider until it starts happening to them. Unless you use address verification, your customers can easily make several mistakes when filling out their addresses.

Using Shipr’s API, You can ensure that your couriers can find an address before generating a shipping label and risking the dreaded “ Return to Sender” high cost on undeliverable packages. In the case of address entries, it doesn’t have to cost you additional shipping charges due to human error.

In a nutshell…!

Streamlining your Shipping process is vital to improve efficiencies and save costs. Customer expectations for faster delivery and real-time visibility of order shipment status are on the rise. Shipping management is an integral part of Order fulfilment, but legacy shipping systems are costly to maintain and do not support the evolving business needs.

Shipr’s shipping management software streamlines shipping processes to reduce freight costs, eliminate errors, and improve your fulfilment efficiency.

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